RV Strategic Parking Tips

Apr 29, 2021
Steve Reed

When it comes to parking an RV, it can be a little intimidating. You have a large vehicle that you may be unfamiliar with and worried about hitting obstacles around you.

Here’s a video we made showing some strategic parking tips in two very busy shopping centers.

While larger shopping centers will usually have big parking lots with a lot of space, other places may not have much room.

Some additional tips that aren’t included in the video but would be good to keep in mind for those situations are:

  • Make sure you aren’t parking in a fire zone or in front of a fire hydrant.
  • Use a spotter, use a spotter, use a spotter, especially at night. Stay paranoid, it’s better than being reckless.
  • You may have to park a little further away and walk a little further. If any in your group cannot walk far, drop them off in front of the building and then park further away. Pick them up again when it is time to hit the road, they’ll appreciate the service!
  • Watch your turns, pull out a little further, pivot on the back wheel, make sure your rear is clear of any objects on both sides.
  • Take speed bumps extra slow, especially the rear wheels where the vast majority of the weight is.

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